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++ New Shoes! ++

Love converse shoes. Picked up some orange laces to complement the camo.  : D


++ Travel down the Geometric Tube ++



++ ( click on image for the full rez version ) ++



++ Central Florida Mountain Biking ++

In my free time away from the computer I absolutely love being out in nature. This morning’s bike ride through some Florida swamp/forest was beautiful and refreshing.

Click on the photos for full size images ( ESPECIALLY this first panorama, that little thumbnail doesn’t do it justice)

These plants flowing in the water remind me of a Death of Ophelia painting.

My trusty mountain bike steed. Love this little wood bridge without rails.


++ Storm Wind ++

A three thousand mile fluffy mass covers the north, bringing frosty snow to some and bringing a dry pure wind to this hot peninsula. The gusts drive the loiterers inside. No one is looking for trouble today. A mysterious building and fading piano tune is carried to my ears, riding on the wind from the pool area. I think it may be a mumbling speaker, but no, this music is brought by live fingertips.

++ Poly Planet ++ [ HD low poly art ]

Poly Planet animated sci fi gif

(Listen to this song to get in the zone : Too Late Too Far by Cant )

The beautiful things in our mind are for us only until we paint them for everyone to see.

Some of my inspiration for this image came from this amazing site of spinning (rolling) gifs: rrrrrrrroll.tumblr.com

Some other inspiration came from barren sci fi imagery, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Prometheus, and M83

Poly Planet WIP Blender Screenshot thumb

Click the image below if you want the  HD wallpaper.

Poly Planet thumb via 26PM

A 26:PM / LOCJAW Collaboration: Abiogenesis Ambient Video

Audio/video mashup between 26:PM and locjaw!

I crafted the visuals, and locjaw formed the audio. (With our bare hands.)

Hear more of locjaw’s music here.